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We are able to provide dog and cat boarding for our clients at our veterinary hospital.

Woman holdering her white cat over her shoulder while Vet is in the background about to get the cat checked up.
Woman holdering her white cat over her shoulder while Vet is in the background about to get the cat checked up.

Ease your concerns about leaving your pet behind while you’re away, and let our qualified veterinary staff take care of him or her. We will provide your dog or cat with a safe, comfortable, “home away from home” atmosphere. We are happy to accommodate any special care or needs your pet might have. Just let us know when you make the reservation.

We provide amenities such as bedding (which is washed daily) and food and water bowls. Toys and other personal items that are washable are welcome. We will administer any needed medication and follow your specified feeding regimen. We provide a high-quality diet and treats for no extra charge; however, you are welcome to supply your pet’s own food. While your dog is staying with us, he or she will be walked twice daily. We can also provide grooming services before you pick up your pet.

Veterinary technicians regularly check on the pets, and our kennel staff monitors the pet boarding area. You have the added benefit of knowing that one of our veterinarians will promptly begin treatment if your pet gets sick during his or her stay.


Upon dropoff, all vaccines must be current to admit any pet into our boarding facility. If you are unable to furnish proof of vaccination and wish to board your pet with us, we will vaccinate your pet. Vaccination fees are not included in the boarding charges. The required vaccinations for boarding are listed below:


  • Rabies

  • FVRCP (distemper)

  • FeLV (leukemia) for outdoor cats and cats under 18 months of age


  • Rabies

  • DHPP

  • K-9 Influenza

  • Bordetella

External parasites

In addition to current vaccinations, all boarders must be free of any visible parasites, fleas being the most common. If fleas are seen on your pet, flea control will be administered. Flea control fees are not included in the boarding charges.

If your pet is on any medication we will administer it for you while he or she is boarding with us (a small daily fee is charged). All medications must be in their original container with the drug information clearly visible. This ensures precise and safe care for your pet.

In case of emergency, we are an animal hospital facility. Should any medical condition arise while your pet boards with us, it will receive medical attention. The doctors are obligated to treat any situation causing your pet discomfort.

  • We ask for an emergency phone number so that we may be able to contact you in the event medical attention is needed. We will make every effort to get in touch with you; however, if we are not able to contact you prior to treatment, we will go ahead and initiate medical care to prevent unnecessary suffering by your pet. You will be responsible for all charges.

  • However, you may designate an authorized agent to act on your behalf, thereby authorizing this person to make medical decisions for you in your absence. If we are unable to contact you or an authorized agent, treatment will be given at the doctor’s discretion. You will be responsible for all charges.

Please contact us to speak to someone about our pet boarding services or to schedule your dog or cat boarding reservation today.